Speak & Glitch GND-1

Circuit Bent Speech Chip Synthesizer

*** UPDATE ***
Due to world-wide chip shortages, the original GND-1 described on this page is is no longer available. Please go here to see information about the upcoming GND-1T which includes all the original features plus a whole lot of new ones
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The GND-1 (Glitch ‘N Drum) is based on a faithful emulation of the TMS speech synthesis chip found in the classic vintage Speak and Spell game. It was inspired by many years of circuit bending hardware Speak and Spells to produce musical sounds,  but takes it far beyond anything that’s possible in hardware. It offers a whole new approach to chip sound synthesis, looping and rhythm generation. You can hear a short demo HERE, and purchase one using the buy now option at the bottom of this page.
Note that the drum sounds in the video above are not built into the GND-1. Instead the GND-1 generates midi drum note triggers, which can be sent to any midi compatible software or hardware drum machine, synthesizer, or electro-acoustic  device. In this case it was a software 808 drum machine.
  • Highlights

  • Faithful emulation of the classic vintage Speak and Spell speech chip
  • Digitally circuit bent and capable of so much more than in hardware 
  • Synthesis: formant / vowel / glottal / speech / rhythm / groove / circuit bent / glitch / complex oscillator
  • Expansive / feature rich / sophisticated / deep architecture allows you to get inside the speech synthesis chip and explore this highly unique synthesiser. (This ain’t your dad’s spelling machine)
  • 100 real time parameters
  • Complete standalone control of all parameters.
  • MIDI control of all parameters via USB and/or 5-pin DIN
  • Syncs to MIDI Clock with a highly unique, individually configurable PPQN scalers for tempo, drum rate, LFO speed and loop length.
  • Powerful Expression Matrix* with all parameters as destinations
  • Unique modulation architecture for key parameters and expression Matrix
  • Automation capabilities that enable all parameters to drift and mutate patches
  • Explore circuit bending and controllable chaos like never before
  • Extensive randomisation (with undo) possibilities 
  • Advanced / sophisticated and dynamic MIDI Rhythm generator that improvises new grooves along with the speech synthesis engine
  • Audio rate modulation of amplitude, pitch and filter
  • Store up to 1000 presets with seamless preset switching
  • Stereo audio output
  • Touch Sensor and rotary encoder assignable to expression matrix

* The GND-1 expression matrix specifies how strongly every GND-1 parameter responds to controllers such as modwheel, note-on velocity, breath control, aftertouch, and the internal expression LFO, as well as MIDI-note number, and both the rotary encoder and touch sensor built into the GND-1.

There are now two graphical editors available for the GND-1. One is a stand-alone controller (developed in MAX)  for MAC or WINDOWS computers, and the is a touchOSC template that therefore can run on any device capable of running touchOSC, including iPads. Details will be provided upon purchase of a GND-1. 

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The current price for direct purchase of a GND-1  through this website is shown below. It includes a GND-1, USB isolator for ultimate audio quality, and data/power cable. Choose your shipping destination from the drop down box to include the correct postage costs. 

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