Speak & Glitch GND-1T

Circuit Bent Speech Chip Synthesizer

Embrace the mayhem...

 explore circuit bending and controllable chaos like never before

The GND-1T (Glitch&Drum 1 Touch) is based on a faithful emulation of the TMS speech synthesis chip found in the classic vintage Speak and Spell game. It was inspired by many years of circuit bending hardware Speak and Spells to produce musical sounds,  but takes it far beyond anything that’s possible in hardware. It offers a whole new approach to chip sound synthesis, looping and rhythm generation.
The GND-1T contains all the amazing features of the original GND-1 speech synth plus a whole load of new ones. The 1T is a complete stand-alone circuit bent speech-chip looping station. But it also can be used in many other ways, such as a synth module for external controllers, an effects processor for external audio, or a unique MIDI rhythm generator. It adds to the GND-1 some great effects, unique internal drum kits, USB digital audio I/O capabilities, analog AUX input, host USB port for external controllers, touch screen control and parameter editing, headphone output, assignable encoders for live parameter control, and many new modes and parameters.
More audio examples and information coming soon!
  • Highlights

  • •    Faithful emulation of the classic vintage Speak and Spell speech chip
    •    Digitally circuit bent and capable of so much more than in hardware
    •    Synthesis: formant / vowel / glottal / speech / rhythm / groove / circuit bent / glitch / complex oscillator
    •    Expansive / feature rich / sophisticated / deep architecture allows you to get inside the speech synthesis chip
         and explore this highly unique synthesiser (This ain’t your dad’s spelling machine)
•    Around 150 real time parameters, with full stand-alone control and editing using the touch screen and encoders,
     or via MIDI over USB and 5-pin DIN with user defined thru connectivity

•    3×2 assignable encoders for easy ‘live’ parameter control
•    MIDI HOST port for external controllers / keyboards
•    Syncs to MIDI Clock with individually configurable PPQN scalers for Tempo, Drum and LFO rates, and loop length
•    Automation capabilities that enable parameters to randomly DRIFT, and MORPH between patches
 •   Full bidirectional MANUAL MORPH control between any patches with save option at any morph setting
•    Powerful Expression Matrix allows every parameter to respond to modwheel, velocity, breath-control, after-touch,
      and a dedicated expression LFO (XPlfo) modulation block
•    Unique modulation blocks that mix twin waveforms selected from over 30 different wave shapes and signal sources each
•    Audio rate modulation of amplitude, pitch and speech filter using the “MFO”
•    Touch Sensor, main rotary encoder, and MIDI note number assignable to expression matrix controllers
•    Extensive randomisation possibilities with undo
•    Ultra dynamic MIDI Rhythm Generator algorithm improvises drum grooves on-the-fly as it interacts with the synthesis engine
•    Over a dozen Drum parameters, with the same extensive control as synth parameters and saved with each patch
•    Drum note triggers can be sent to unique built-in drum kits and external MIDI devices, and act as modulation sources
•    Built in stereo overdrive, (fat) resonant Post-Filter, and echo / looper functions
•    Full stereo analog and digital USB Audio I/O
•    Store up to 1000 presets with seamless preset switching and morphing

Buy Now

Estimated release date for the GND-1T is currently late April to early May 2024. You will be able to purchase a GND-1T  directly through this website using a link that will be will be shown below as soon as it’s available. 

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